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   Company Name METASLA Co., Ltd.

   CEO: Yoshiyuki Nakashima

​   Capital Stock: 1,000,000 yen

   Number of Employees 3people

   Establishment December 01, 2022

   Office 〒454-0971

           4841-1 Higashifusyo Tomidacho Sennonji Nakagawa-ku,

           Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan [JP]


    Metasla is a game developer company founded in 2022 as a... 

    Based in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan,
             we are three people developing indie games.

    We mainly develop/port games for smartphones

             and consoles such as Nintendo Switch.



  Yoshiyuki Nakashima


   2021 Independent as a personal app developer

   2022 Founding of Metasura Co., Ltd.


  Yura Iijima


   2022 Founding of Metasura Co., Ltd.


  2022.12  Establishment of Metasura Co., Ltd.

  2022.01  Released "Monster Fishing" game app for iOS/Android

  2023.04  Exhibiting "Monster Fishing" at IndieGamesConnect2023

  2023.05  Game app "Rogue Dungeon Walkers" for iOS/Android released.

  2023.09  Rogue Dungeon Walkers" Wins Top 20 & GYAARstudio Award

                      at IndieGameFestival2023 hosted by Google Play


  Please click here to contact us.

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