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Mysterious marine life in a fantasy world SeaAZ Go on an adventure to catch

pixel open world fishingRPG


Due to the war between humansA world in which 70% of the continent is underwaterWith the theme of the world.

A young man from a rural island rod and axel but fishing adventure I'm leaving for


I got injured on a fishing trip.

brillianceKuryu After meeting with

used in war Biological Weapon Black Dragon of cooperate in preventing revivalbecome.

A never-before-seen RPG that saves the world through fishing!

This is not a peaceful fishing game.

The end of the world is approaching...


When you spot a fish, line up the marker and throw your rod.Match the timing of the gameReduce SeaAZ healthLet's catch some fish!

Don't forget to strip the material from the sears you catch.

Get on a boat

Explore a vast pixel world freely on your ship.


Dungeon Exploration

It's not just about fishing. There may be a dungeon on the island you landed on by boat. Explore and get treasure! But be careful of traps...

Craft Tool

Create fishing hooks and rods using materials obtained from the SeaAZ.


Boss Battle

Occasionally, belligerent SeaAZ will show up....

Let's fish them out and use them as material.

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